The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. At the same time, the production conditions under which the clothing is made are often problematic. 

I don't want to keep throwing you in the face about how bad the world is and how sinful we are as people, but instead I want to offer you an alternative. An alternative of which you don't have the idea that the quality of your clothing is deteriorating or the idea that you have to wear some kind of shabby and alternative clothing to still be able to look yourself in the mirror with all the environmental problems of these days. I don't want to bother you every day with negative and terrifying stories and show you continuously why second hand is better and more durable than that ZARA or H&M blazer. I offer you an alternative: A beautiful, small and exclusive collection with the most beautiful second hand masterpieces. I look for you the most beautiful and best quality garments from a collection. So you don't have to go to those fast fashion stores anymore because the alternative is also very good! 

It's not always easy to shop second hand clothing. Often you end up at dirty thrift stores or vague alternative clothing. Why can't second hand be high end and thoughtful, that's what I thought in November of 2019. I started thinking about a clothing collection. Not too big and thoughtless, after all, you have platforms like United Wardrobe and ETSY for that. But a small collection, with the best items, just for you! 

I hope you'll have a great shopping time and will love the collection!